meet ALLY

Name: Ally

Age: 25

Languages: English & Korean

Interests: Art, literature, finding the best taco place in Seoul, & spending all my money on concert tickets.  

What is your idea of a perfect day or night out with your friends?

Day: Grab lunch at a hole in the wall place that serves amazing food, visit APMA (my current favorite art museum) to see an exihibition, spend too much time at the museum merch store, head to a cafe that preferable has cute plants, go into stores with cute window displays to end up buying things that we don't really need. 

Night: Have dinner & soju at a good anju place (Anju is the Korean word for food that goes with liquor) explore small/hidden bars for a cocktail or two, grab a snack at the convenience store, head towards the Han River and walk along the water, end the night with something soupy to prevent a hangover the next morning.