Beff crawl

Beff crawl is a unique new service provided by Seoul Beffs. Let time come to a crawl as you experience Seoul in a whole new way. Take a stroll through your Beff's stomping grounds and discover Korea's hidden gems.

street food

Seoul is famous for it's delicious street food. Want a quick snack while hanging out? Indulge your taste buds with some of Korea's signature dishes. 

lotte cinema

Sometimes it can be quite daunting to buy a movie ticket, find your seats, or even buy snacks in a foreign country. Never fear, your Beff is here to help!

Enjoy great company and a fun movie in Seoul!

*Movie tickets are included in this service


Wanna take a walk on the wild side, but in a safe environment with a friend who is always going to look out for you? Than this option is for you! Dance the night away with your Beff.

bar hopping

Bar hopping can be a fun way to spend your evening out. Have fun with a cold beer, a pool table, and nice music.


Seoul has many souvenir shops, boutiques, traditional markets, underground shopping centers, and more. Go on a shopping adventure with your Beff and go wild... while still on a budget!

PC Cafe

Let your inner gamer out and visit a PC cafe. South Korea has a huge gaming culture that is sure to delight any gamer. Play an online PVP game while enjoying a bowl ramen with your Beff!

Noraebang (song room)

Dive vocals first into one of Korea's most popular past time hobbies. Go to a Noraebang (song room) with your Beff and sing all the latest and past hits.

custom option

Already have a plan for what you want to do and where to go? Then this is for you! Tell your Beff your plan and make some great memories!

*If you have a specific place in mind for any activity, please let your Beff know.